Marcel – The mechouiman



Marcel is not that young but he is still smiling a lot under his mustache.
He is still single and lives with his mother. Anywhere he goes he takes with him a small folder with picture of the miniature windmill and watermill he builds in his garden. As a living Marcel, with a bunch of self made tools brings the best know-how of the region for lamp mechoui. No need to worry, he has extended experience on how to prepare the beast, how to dress it up and how to control the fire.

And this is serious business. You only need to provide him with the proper oxidizer (Kronenbourg 33cl beer with the smart blue snowflake visible when it’s cold) and he will ensure the perfect cooking for your guest. No kidding, that day, after the 60 guests gobbled up two lamps and quite a volume of wine he even had a standing ovation.

Of course, he won’t tell to anyone the real recipe that made him famous. Your honored reporter just got an hint. It seems everything is in the special aromatic oil spread (prepared in advance, non disclosed composition) with a heavy stick massaging the beast during cooking. I just hope it has nothing to do with the black sticky oil used to lubricate the home made mechanism necessary to ensure an homogeneous roast of the animal, i.e. a car battery, a washing machine electric engine linked by a motorbike gearbox to a huge skewer.

editor’s note : for the non French readers, who needs maybe a bit of cultural background, in summer we, French people, especially in the remote countryside, we like to group at night and grill complete animals (pig, lamp and even beef). For the Lamp, we learned this custom from our southern neighbors from north Africa and reuse the official name Mechoui