Winter lights in JinXi – (in colour)


The same day as the previous post, I used also a few rolls of colour film to catch the vintage atmosphere of the oldest streets of the town. Some areas are very interesting because they mix warm tones of the wood with flshy colours partly vanishing under the strong sun of summer.

In winter, the atmosphere is more delicate, the sun gives soft tones to objects, walls, doors out of the cold shadows. In these towns of Jiangse delta, I have a special interest in the small grocery shops like the one bellow, colourfull items are always well organised in such a small space.




From the street, one can catch the interiour of the traditionnal houses. Most of the residents are retired, their sons and daughters are living in the big cities where it is easier to find a job. But during new year period, everybody’s back and famillies and celebrating the spring festival preparing plenty of food.

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