Winter lights in JinXi – (black and white)

2011, during chinese new year break, I escaped the sleepy Shanghai for a day in Jinxi and nearby. This is a small and ancient city on the side of one of the numerous lakes of the Yangse delta. I spent the day exploring the small streets of the old town, chatting with the locals and shooting. I used only a medium format rangefinder (mamiya 7II) with a 65mm lens. I used two set of films, shanghai GP3 for black and white and Fuji pro 160s for colour.

This first post is a choice on my favourite photographs taken that day.

Winter is quite foggy in the wide area surrounding Shanghai but in the period of Chine new year, at the end of january, the lucky years bring a week of sharp and dry lights.

Despite a plan to make the city of Jingxi a major tourist attraction, people of this old town kept their habits. As home interiors are small, dark and cold in winter, doors and windows remain wide open as long as the sun is up and chairs are installed in the streets to catch any ray of warm light.

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