43 millimeters of pure light

Thirteen years after my first footstep in Beijing, I have finally been to Hong-Kong. To make it short, I have no doubt this is one of the place that are in the category “must see” in one’s life.

But in my case, waiting such long time was in fact waiting for the right time. I think I had to be “Chinese” enough to see and understand the full dimension of Hong-Kong in comparison with China mainland.

Probably better than any book, the Hong-Kong history museum was the perfect place to learn birth and growth of the city  during a rainy afternoon. Born more or less as a fisherman village, the place is now a Ghost-in-the-shell-like megapolis surrounded by sea, hills and rain forest.

I was there with first time visiting Chinese “mainlanders” fellows and we had a cultural shock, I will come back in other posts about my first feelings and thoughts…

Photography-wise, the place is a dream, a dream for gears and stuffs, a dream for cityscapes… I bought a mamiya 7 system – 43 mm wide angle lens – this is a jewel, bellow is its first photo.