Worker in Taksang


It was my first day ever in Bhutan, it started by a pretty hard walk in the morning to climb up to Taksang monastery located near Paro internationnal airport. The walk is almost 800 meters high to reach this famous “Tiger’s nest” monastery at an altitude of 3000 m and something.

On the way I met this indian guy who was working to maintain the path. Bhutan has a small population so the workforce for civil engineering and construction is very limited. Thus the main work on the roads and buildings in done by Indian workers who come to Bhutan with a 6 month permit and can afford double pay compared to india.

Working conditions are quite harsh, the path to reach Taksang was few years ago still a single track above a huge precipice.

After a few words, I asked him if I could take a picture, he accepted and afer I pressed the shutter he came closer and very kindly shaked my both hands with a huge smile and he continued his way keeping smiling.

Thank you man for the encounter, it was a great picture.