So far, so close – On dirait la France…


For the one living abroad, the first time back home brings a lot of warm feelings and excitement about all the things we missed from our own country.

But after few years, while back, some other sensations spice the days spent home. I would like to call this the “so far so close” effect. I must admit that one of my favorite pleasure is now to have the chance to look at my old country and fellow citizens with the eyes and the distance of a tourist, like a foreigner would.

Back to France this summer, I had the chance to live few of these cherished summer days. Far, far from the busy Shanghai and the maze of Jiangsu, I got lost in the deep forest of the “Massif central”, hunting wild mushrooms. Astonished by centuries old villages, I spent peaceful familly time on terrasse des cafés. And then, by the most amazing diagonal road, I strolled down toward the roman french south.

It’s just like if I had reopened my eyes, wide and fresh on my own country. I brought back some memories, as many miracles. I used to live there, then I forgot, all the surroundings were a silent normality. This summertime was too short but long enough to discover pure gems, like the village of Le Saillant, its 14th century bridge and its chapel decorated with Chagall stain glass or the magic town of Uzes.

I will soon enter my fourth year in China, I somehow got used to the country and I know that I am kind of loosing the candid eye that makes good photographs. I should remember these summer feelings, no matter where I live, should I keep my eyes wide open and hunt the small miracles, they are always closer that what I think.