On the other side of Channel five

This post the follow-up on my last one  in the discoveries series which was about the new art zone of Changzhou called “Channel 5”.

Blessed by the horizontal rays of sun of that cold winter afternoon, I crossed the bridge and walked an hour in the district along the channel 5. Winter lights in China can be quite interesting; when the cities are not covered by an heavy and unidentified smog, people are enjoying the warm sun outside and they try to dry whatever they can, from shoes to radish.

That day, it was all about red and warm woods tones touched by soft shadows.

I like these time when life is like a color palette. As strange as it can be, I was inspired by the drying radish and their faded red matching the concrete walls decorations, the doors painted wood, the cards players jackets matching their vintage Formica table. Even the cabbages drying on the ground concrete had lost a bit of their chlorophyll tint to match the greys of the pavement.