Peace in Suzhou

I am back home, China, after three weeks of business trips, spending my time to kill polar bear with plane generated CO2 and intergalactic consultant bullshit brain heat. This gives me finally the time to finish this post, the latest in the “discoveries” series. In fact, I have hundreds of unpublished photographs; I have selected the one closest to the previous shadowgraphy post. Thus, this selection is again colourful, again an attempt to work with both the very specific colours and textures of Chinese winter while exploring the Chinese lights in the Jiangsu delta.

 This was another pleasant winter day, dry and warm, perfect to explore the old center of Suzhou, the Pingjiang district. Like any other city, Suzhou has changed a lot in the last year, it’s development pace is one of the most impressive in China. While the new development zones and the suburbs have a modern look with high-rise landscapes and huge avenues, the down-town has kept in some areas a very traditional aspect. This area is made of tiny streets and small channels, it is extremely peaceful.

Actually, Suzhou is quite different from the other cities of Yangse delta. Heavy industries have been pushed out and replaced by high tech and service, the city hosts one of the best museums in China, a must see with a unique architecture mixing tradition and modernity. The narrow streets of Pingjiang have many nice and quiet bars and coffee shop, small restaurants.

It seems that people in Suzhou have a different way to enjoy life like simply reading a book, drinking tea in a nice tea house and chatting with friends. Despite a 30 minutes distance by train from Shanghai, the city have kept a very independent mind, this is worth spending the time getting lost in the city.