Shanghai Vintage


One night of the 2010’s, with my friend Jeff we slided in the night of Shanghai. After a frozen walk admiring the lights of the bund shut down for a while, we had a hot pot in a small restaurant. We obviously had too many beers to remember how many, the laoban (boss), was crazy and dress a fancy leather jacket, not really matching his curly hair (kind of weird for a chinese man).

A while after midnight we passed by the House of Blues & Jazz, a bar / club usually hosting some decent live bands. That night was great, it had a smell of the 30’s. Don’t ask me how did I get this effect, this is pure drunk camera engineered, pusing an Ektar 100 @ 3200 is not a so good idea, I realised that after the guy from the lab called me and refused to process it; some bargain later, he accepted to give a try at 1600, here you are !