Shanghai street photography [volume I issue #1]



I shoot photography in the streets and It has been like that since I own a camera; but I have never done street photography, I mean the real street photography. I like a pure humanistic approach and I usually make attempts to actually meet people, discover places and try to document that. The other approach I use to consider is to simply see city and streets as a landscape and try to get the beauty out of it.  Inspired by some of the masters of the genre and a few guys active on flickr HCSP group, I decided to make an attempt to street photo. On a not so sunny Saturday morning, I took my Zeiss Ikon, a bunch of HP5+, a 35mm lens and got to some of the streets near Nanjing east road in Shanghai.

My first approach was simply to take distance with the subject, try to compose with the background, catch what the other don’t see. In order not to get engaged as usual in communication with people in the street, I plugged headset in my ear with pretty loud music (such as Dj. Rupture). That was pretty efficient and at least I had the feeling to enter in a different dynamic. This was a first and I strongly recommend it. I have posted here the selection from the three rolls of that morning. In my opinion I still have a long way to go but it was an interesting experiment, there should be some other to come, could it be another ever-lasting project ? Could be !

  • Hern42

    The first shot, with the elevator, is a masterpiece. I love the central part where the lines disappear in a blur of light. Quality. We should discuss this “street photography” concept you speak about, I’d like to give it a shot myself (pun intended 😉 )
    Good to hear/read you get to the streets, wander and shoot…

    • thanks her, another project we could run together…

  • Arnaud THUREL

    I like this new approach, effectively far from what you are usually doing !
    Great job. Best one for me is last one. By the way, I also already tried shooting while listenning to music and that really helps to keep the distance from the subjects !

    • thanks ! Did you post some of these music powered photos ?

      • Arnaud THUREL

        I’ll send you some (hé pourquoi y’a ta tête sur mes posts !)

        • C’est un mystere, peut etre tous les guest on ma tete !