The people of Beijing road (Part III)

Few months after, I finally processed the last rolls of film of Mr. Chen’s story and the discovery of his building and neighbours life. Mr. Chen is living on the last floor of the old mansion; in addition to the incredible amount of collectible fulfilling his lobby, he also has a Singer sewing machine in his bedroom. I am not sure I understood everything, but seems he was an early dealer in Shanghai. He kept this one for his private use. Going down the building, we met several neighbour and had open discussion about China and other countries of the world and their living style. I don’t remember the name of the gentleman on the first picture.

He was passionate about explaining the life in such building and how difficult it could be to share the kitchen. You have to get use to your neighbour cooking habits ! He had a typical shanghainese accent and a high sense of humour telling us the ackward situation than can happen when roughly seven families are sharing the place. Some other neighbour came to chat with us and kindly complained that in fact he was the one cooking smelly stuf! Down the stairs, I was amazed but the electrical dashboard and its maze of wires. Just out of the mansion garden, there is a baber shop nested in the side of the gate.




  • Hern42

    Better and better. I love the mood…