So far, so close – On dirait la France… (Part II)

Few months ago, I posted here some thoughts and photographs about France, my  own country, seen with the eyes of the one living abroad (see here). This second episode bring us in the coastal areas of Atlantic and Corsica. Same feelings again, being there, being part of it but at the same time, I couldn’t

get away from the impression to watch it from another angle. France is beautiful, this is a gem and this makes no surprise there is more visitors yearly than living French people. So peaceful, even the weather is kind of appeased, such a contrast with bustling Asia and its turmoiled weather.

I have too many projects in parallel, I attempt probably to walk on too many path of photography. The viewer of this blog might get lost sometimes. On top of that, I am probably not a Landscape photographer, and some even consider that landscape photography can only be cliché and “tarte a la crème”, but who cares ?
These photographs are just another attempt to capture, to steal from our dying memories the beauty of these places. The simple testimony of a French from the outside who is amazed by what he left behind when he moved abroad. Taking distance is a good way to get closer.