Portfolio : Hair salon & Barber shops – The project

Since the year 2000 in early September, I have in mind an ever-lasting photographic project about barber shops, hair salons, coiffeurs… That day I entered a “salon de coiffure” in Paris, close to the beginning of “la rue des plantes”. The place was like preserved from the fifties, the owner and unique employee was 75 (yes!) and still operating with a shaky hands his vintage tools.

At that time, I was still young and adventurous and I took an appointment for the next day – the experience was a bit frightening but gave me the feeling of time travelling to the past. The guy was kind and he somehow managed to cut my hair without incident, the result was great despite a late 1960’s taste…

He was a good story teller and he brought me in another Paris while working on my cut. I needn’t close my eyes, I just had to look at the petrolhahn glass bottles and the hair clippers, all in Bakelite…

This is again the story of a picture, a portrait I never took. Once I paid the incredible amount of 9 euros, I made the promise to come back and spend more time in the place and capture the atmosphere and portrait of the owner. Unfortunately, a glimpse of time later, when I was ready to come back, the guy was retired and his hair salon museum was transformed in a fancy flower-shop.

It was a good lesson for me that I should not live without a camera in my bag, once I overcame this huge disappointment, I added  in my list of ever-lasting photographic project, the H-S-P, aka the “hair salon project”.

At a point of time, I will publish a book and an exhibition; for the one who cannot wait, bellow is a short gallery, a first selection, a teaser !