Portfolio : Land portraits

This portfolio is all about landscape photography, or “land portraits” as we call this type of photography within BOP collective. I published here a selection of my favorite scenes. These have been captured during trips or while shooting on specific projects. There is no clear link between each of these photographs except the will to gather and share the impression while facing such scene. Voluntary, this covers only rural areas and village. Urban landscapes are exhibited in the cityscapes portfolio.

I worked here in medium format, mainly in 6×7 or panoramic 2.4×70 with a Mamiya 7 II (and panoramic kit) . This camera is highly portable and combined with the 65mm or 43mm lens, this makes a perfect set for landscapes. In black and white I use HP5+, often pushed to 800 iso to get more grain and in colour I use reversal film such as Provia 400X (soon discontinued) or Provia 100 and regular film such as Kodak Ektar 100.