Portfolio : Shanghai in wide & The Cityscape project

Among the list of my everlasting projects, there is the “cityscape project”. I don’t I need to spend loads of texts to explain the main topic, it’s all about urban landscape photography.

I have not yet completely found the coherency within the several trials and  sightings photographs. The main idea would be to focus on black and white front facade, wide angle and extra wide angle, in cities all over the world.  I want to bring a certain distance toward urban nature and architecture, I am trying to give the feeling of a frozen time and space, bringing a different and unusual look to very common buildings. I tried several angles and format, I have selected the 120mm, initially using a mamiya 7II in 65mm. But recently, I have tried also the 43mm for the panoramic scenes. I have posted here a selection of the two best photograph from the first 4 test films.